Women’s March – Minnesota 2017

Starting point at St. Paul college.

Kate and Anna.

Tessa and her friends.

Hey, there’s Deb!

The view heading towards the Minnesota State Capital building.

Minnesota State Capital building.

For more info on the event, check out WomensMarchMN.com

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New Art by Shepard Fairey

For larger files and free downloads, go to

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Flash Gordon’s Origin

Flash Gordon Sunday pages from 8/19/2001 – 10/28/2001

My homage to Alex Raymond via Flash Gordon’s origin sequence.
For those who are familiar with Raymond’s work you’ll notice I tried to recreate a number of his panels from the 1930s throughout.
Hope you enjoy!

Click on images to see larger.


For more on Flash Gordon, check out the Flash Gordon website,
also my post on Flash Gordon’s 80th Anniversary from a few years back which has a boatload of Flash Gordon DVD extras, like Flash Gordon drawn by
Joe Kubert, John Romita and much, much more!

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It’s 1978 Again, True Believers!

Thanks to cartoonist Mike Lynch for pointing out my 1978 Spider-Man Calendar can be used this year as well – The twelve year old in me is very happy!

To check out the whole calendar, go to Mark Anderson’s site Andertoons.com

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Happy New Year 2017!

John Romita drawing from the Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975.
(With a quick type change for 2017.)

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Sally Forth DVD Extra – New Years Eve Edition

Sometimes the comic art has to be altered, even though the reference is accurate, so it doesn’t comes off as unintended product placement. Here’s a New Years Eve example.


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Flashback – 1996 Jim Keefe Interview

Here’s an interview I did when I first started doing Flash Gordon way back in 1996.

The pic is from a few years into my tenure,
and trying out the “artist goatee” look on for size.

Interview by Jerry Craft

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