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As many of you have already heard, I’m the new artist of the Sally Forth comic strip. My name has been on the dailies since March 11th, and even though I drew the strip for this past Sunday (3/31), that was the last one overseen by cartoonist Craig MacIntosh and bears his name.


Back story: A few years ago I connected with Craig and began working as his assistant inking and coloring the Sally Forth Sunday pages. When Craig decided to retire last year I worked up some samples (under Craig’s watchful eye) which were then submitted to King Features Syndicate. After navigating the proper channels the word was given from on high – editorial approval – and I was given the green light

I can’t say enough about how great it was working with Craig. He’s the consummate professional who makes the incredibly stellar work he does look easy – a great friend and mentor.

Craig Macintosh

Craig Macintosh

He’s currently turned to writing. His two most recent books are The Fortunate Orphans and The Last Lightning. I was able to make it out for the launch party for The Last Lightning and posted about it last fall.

Francesco Marciuliano

Francesco Marciuliano

Sally Forth is currently written by bestselling author, cartoonist and writer, Francesco Marciuliano. He was handed the baton by Sally Forth’s creator, Greg Howard, when Greg decided to retire from the strip back in 1999.

I found a great interview with him on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show where he talks about his work on Sally Forth (below).

I was a fan of the Sally Forth comic strip long before coming on board, so I truly lucked out as far as being able to collaborate with Francesco. In addition to being a 15-year veteran on the strip, he knows the characters inside and out – which as far as I’m concerned makes the humor strike closer to home.

Warning: Unabahed plug time.

If Sally Forth isn’t in your local paper, you can check it out online at…

A yearlong subscription to all of King Features’ comics (new and vintage) plus a year’s archive for every single strip is a pittance at $19.99 a year. Unsure? Try a 7 day trial subscription for free.

Unabashed plug officially over.

Going to wrap this up now as deadlines are looming.

see you in the funny papers…

About Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe is the current artist of the Sally Forth comic strip, he is also the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip - both available at A graduate of the Joe Kubert School, Keefe likewise teaches Comic Art. Teaching and speaking engagements include SVA in Manhattan, Hofstra’s UCCE Youth Programs, The University of Minnesota and most recently the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
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9 Responses to Sally Forth

  1. Harold says:

    Jim Keefe
    For the past week and a half Nona’s hair has been blonde not red in the Tampa Bay Times what’s up ?

    • Jim Keefe says:

      Nona’s hair color update:
      I contacted the people who color the dailies regarding the mixup. Trouble being, as the artwork/coloring is done weeks before seeing print, it’s not a simple fix. Rest assured though that this isn’t permanent, and her hair will go back to it’s normal color eventually.

      For continuity’s sake, blame it on the stress of last week’s events when Hil and Nona patched things up…

      Thanks for the interest and thanks for writing!

  2. claudia dunton says:

    hey, jim, why is Nona’s hair blonde for 2 days now? she is a red-head. fix this please, Claudia dunton, retired postal worker. late folks ww2 people loved your strip.

    • Jim Keefe says:

      Hi Claudia,
      I contacted the people in charge of coloring the dailies yesterday (9/10), so I’m hoping it gets straightened out soon.

      And just so you know, the coloring for the Sunday page is done by me – so any slip-ups there are on my shoulders.

      Thanks for the interest and thanks for writing!

    • Syls says:

      Thanks! I was wondering the same thing! Even searched the internet to discover why …

  3. Dana Heald says:

    Could someone please tell Mr. Marciuliano that it’s time to move on from Ted Forth as Perpetual Juvenile Idiot.. It used to be somewhat funny. It’s not funny anymore. Find another shtick. PLEEEEZE !!!

    • Jim Keefe says:

      Whereas I agree that it’s annoying if I writer simply reuses timeworn tropes, I don’t think that’s the case in Marciuliano’s handling of Sally Forth. He definitely has injected a fanboy aspect to Ted’s character, but it doesn’t totally define him. The recent storyline with the standoff with his father in regards to his parents’ 50th anniversary is an example of this. I also thought the Sunday page that wraps up the story (May 19, 2013) nicely juxtaposed his fanboy aspect and his romantic side – and shows why Sally likes this guy so much.

      My two cents worth at least…

  4. D.D.Degg says:

    Jim, a question has come up as to when you actually started the strip.
    You first signed the March 11 strip, but a fellow comic fan suspects that you may have drawn the last (third) panel of the March 9 daily.
    Yes? No?

    • Jim Keefe says:

      The strip mentioned, March 9th, Craig pencilled and I inked. As I was Craig MacIntosh’s assistant before taking over the strip, there was some overlap in the last month of the strip with his signature where he’d do some pencils, then I’d do some under his supervision. On a side note, that last month I was inking all the strips, Craig’s and mine.

      The March 11th for dailies and April 7th for Sundays with my signature is where I’m doing the whole job without Craig’s supervision. Here’s hoping that answered your question.

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