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Al Baruch February 27, 1928 – November 17, 2015

I first met Al Baruch back in 2003. He was head of the Cartooning department at Hofstra University’s UCCE Youth Programs at the time and hired me as one of the teachers. A Navy veteran, Al had studied at the Art Students … Continue reading

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Sally Forth – An Easter Tradition

For those keeping track: The writing credit switch from Greg Howard to Francesco Marciuliano can be found on the top of the strip in the credit line. For art credit: The strips start off with Craig Macintosh handling the drawing … Continue reading

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John Romita – The Crying Game

John Romita’s artwork is pretty much a staple of romance comics from the 1950s on, and for good reason. Here’s a quick sampling… When Romita took over drawing Spider-Man from Steve Ditko, it was inevitable his strength for the Sturm und Drang of romance … Continue reading

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Hy Eisman’s 90th!

It’s Hy Eisman’s 90th Birthday! (Born March 27, 1927) I had Hy as a teacher for my first year of the Joe Kubert School (circa 1986-87). Hy taught lettering; which in those days meant Ames guide, a B6 lettering nib and india … Continue reading

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Bernie Wrightson RIP (1948-2017)

Bernie Wrightson (1948-2017) In tribute, here’s Wrightson’s segment from the 1987 documentary, The Masters of Comic Book Art. Thought this tweet from Neil Gaiman was especially poignant… RIP Bernie Wrightson: There were giants in those days. 1991, when all the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2017!

John Romita drawing from the Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975. (With a quick type change for 2017.)

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The Requirements For Being Cast as Mary Jane in a Spider-Man Movie

As with any superhero movie these days, there are those fans who have a problem with casting before the movie has even seen the light of day. The most recent is Zendaya as Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider-Man film starring Tom … Continue reading

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