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Flash Gordon Year One – Learning Curve

In 1995 I was hired as the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip (my first Sunday page appeared January 21, 1996). It was my first big freelance gig, and as with all freelance work, you have whatever … Continue reading

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Laid Off from King Features

Fun fact: The Flash Gordon comic strip for June 3, 2018 was originally released December 20, 1998 when the entire Comic Art Department of King Features in New York (myself included) was being laid off. The “ancient dialect” I had … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon 3/1/1998 – Reference Pics

Reference pictures are crucial for me when drawing, especially for action shots or panels that involve a number of characters interacting. It’s the best way to get a proper feel for how figures interact. For example, here’s the Flash Gordon … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon’s Origin

Flash Gordon Sunday pages from 8/19/2001 – 10/28/2001 My homage to Alex Raymond via Flash Gordon’s origin sequence. For those who are familiar with Raymond’s work you’ll notice I tried to recreate a number of his panels from the 1930s throughout. Hope … Continue reading

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Flashback – 1996 Jim Keefe Interview

Here’s an interview I did when I first started doing Flash Gordon way back in 1996. The pic is from a few years into my tenure, and trying out the “artist goatee” look on for size. Interview by Jerry Craft

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