Comic Art Classes – MCAD Summer 2018

This summer I’ve been teaching Cartooning and Comic Art over at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as part of their Continuing Education Youth Programs.

Here’s some pics from The Comic Creation I class.

And here’s some pics from The Comic Book Inside and Out class.

Pictures ©Tessa Keefe

For more info on Continuing Education classes available through the Minneapolis College of Art and Design just check out the following Link: MCAD Continuing Education

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Shout Out to Jerry Craft

Spotlight on writer/illustrator Jerry Craft!
Jerry is an African American Literary Award winner (five times no less) and cofounder of the Schomburg Center’s Annual Black Comic Book Festival.

Jerry Craft with a few of his young fans.

In addition to his numerous graphic novels and books he’s illustrated, Jerry is also the creator of the acclaimed comic strip Mama’s Boyz.

My daughter Tessa with the many Mama’s Boyz book collections we have that are dogeared from repeated viewings.

Jerry and I go back a ways. We met at King Features Syndicate back in the 1990s when we both worked in the King Features Comic Art Department.

Jerry and I commuting to work before the turn of the last century.

Jerry and I with the Production Supervisor of the KFS Comics Art Department, Frank Chillino, at the 1993 King Features Christmas party.

And here’s a more recent pic. Jerry is one of those friends where even if you don’t see them for awhile you can just pick up from where you left off the last time you met.

Jerry has put Easter Eggs in his books for my family (like naming a character in one of his graphic novels after my daughter Tessa). And here’s me returning the favor in the July 8, 2018 Sally Forth Sunday page where the Forth family is at a comic convention.

Note the Mama’s Boyz banner on the back wall in panel 5.

And last but not least an unabashed plug: Coming out next February from HarperCollins, Jerry Craft’s latest graphic novel, New Kid.

It’s the story of seventh grader, Jordan Banks. He’s the new kid in school at a prestigious private school far from the neighborhood he grew up in. And as if navigating a new school isn’t tough enough, Jordan also just happens to be one of the few kids of color in his entire grade…

For more info, check out this article at The Comics Beat.

I’ll be posting more info on New Kid as the release date nears.
Until then, check out Jerry’s website at to order his other books, find out about author visits, watch his cartoons and much more!

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Steve Ditko RIP 1927-2018

In remembrance of Steve Ditko, here’s one of the most flawless and iconic pieces of sequential art ever produced – Spider-Man’s origin from Amazing Fantasy #15. These are the originals currently residing at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.


Ending with Ditko’s own words in regards to creating Spider-Man.
Reprinted in Alter Ego Magazine.

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On the Drawing Board – Sally Forth 7/1/2018

Original art for the 7/1/2018 Sally Forth comic strip.

And the full strip from Comics Kingdom.

And if you look closely you’ll see how I altered the Edna Mode cosplay in panel two when cleaning it up digitally to match Edna’s sneer more.

Lots more comic con and cosplay fun in the weeks ahead…

-Jim Keefe

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Evelyn Smith Retiring from King Features

Wishing King Features Senior Comics Editor Evelyn Smith a happy retirement!

As her social media presence is purposefully nil, here’s a pic of her swiped from John Kovaleski’s blog holding the press kit for the launch of his new strip Daddy Daze.

The Daily Cartoonist states that Evelyn spent the 1980s and 1990s as a Managing Editor for Tribune Media Services, then the 2000s and 2010s as a King Features Syndicate editor.

I worked with her during her King Features’ stint – first as a colorist – and more recently as the artist on Sally Forth. She’s one of those people who worked behind the scenes and in the trenches in this business, making sure deadlines were met and that the trains ran on time. She always had my back when needed during a deadline crunch and was a pleasure to work with.

 Here’s wishing her a well deserved rest from the daily grind of comic deadlines!

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