Flashback – 1996 Jim Keefe Interview

Here’s an interview I did when I first started doing Flash Gordon way back in 1996.

The pic is from a few years into my tenure,
and trying out the “artist goatee” look on for size.

Interview by Jerry Craft

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Happy Holidays!

And wishing you all the best in 2017!

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Building Your Own Little Free Library (Unhelpful Edition)

A quick tutorial from Handyman Jim on how to
put together your very own Little Free Library!

I’m purposely skipping over cutting the post and angle braces, as at no point during that whole process did I have a clue to what I was doing.

Two quick bits of advice though…
1: Having a table saw I could borrow from a family member sure was damn helpful regarding building the base.

These are exterior lag screws. Who knew?!

Correct lag screws? Who knows!

2: I bought the wrong lag screws. Make sure to buy the right ones (not that I have a clue which ones that would be). And use power tools to secure them if you have weak little arms that aren’t accustomed to lifting more than a pencil and/or wacom stylus.

Placing the Post in the Ground


Make sure when finding a spot for your Little Free Library that you place it on an incline or small hill, that way you’ll have to dig even farther to make sure the hole’s deep enough.

Also make sure to place it near a large tree so there’s plenty of roots to cut and dig through.

Making More Work for Yourself

Make the decision to personalize your Little Free Library by adding a drawing to be mounted on top that you can’t find time to get to for months.

Check the Weather for a Polar Vortex

Wait until the RealFeel is 25 below and THEN install the Spider-Man drawing on top. That way the wood will be as hard as concrete.

And yes, the two pics indicate a three month lag between library installation and Spider-Man drawing (once again – finding time).

And there you have it – IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!
For more helpful hints, find someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

I know I will…

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On the Drawing Board

Working on pencils for an upcoming Sally Forth Sunday page.


Figures are blocked in. Will take one more pass to tighten things up then on to inks.

Inks finished.


After this I scan – touch up – lay in the lettering and the drop panel – then last but not least, do up a color guide.

-Jim Keefe

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The first pic is from the MoCCA Art Festival, when I was still living in New York. The second is with my daughter Tessa at the Minneapolis St. Paul Comicon.

It’s been a crazy ten years…

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Thought For the Day


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Comic Book Podcasts

Here’s a quick list of seven podcasts (in no particular order) dealing with comics.

For the most part I tend to like shows interviewing artists and/or industry professionals (as opposed to simply reviews), so the list tends to lean heavy that way.


Making Comics: Gutter Talk – Hosted by Adam Greenfield.

Every Friday listen in as Adam Greenfield is joined by artists around the globe discussing making comics.


Tall Tale Radio – Hosted by Tom Racine.

A podcast about comic strips, animation, movies, television, comics and cartoons, with interviews with the best artists in print, on the web, on screen, and everywhere.


Panels & Pizza – Hosted by Adam Vermillion.

Comics and pizza, together at last. Adam Vermillion shares a slice or 6 with some of the biggest and best names in comics.


Pop Culture Hound – Hosted by Chris J. Thompson.

Pop-culture website with a focus on comics, video games, film and TV.


Word Balloon – Hosted by John Siuntres.

The Pop Culture podcast featuring in-depth 1 on 1 interviews from the entertainment worlds of comic books, novels, film, video games and more.


Inkstuds – Hosted by Rob McConnell.

Interviews some of today’s top creators, with a focus on underground and indy comix from publishers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Drawn and Quarterly and more.


iFanboy – Comics fandom oriented.

Owned and operated by Graphicly.


If there’s a comics oriented podcast you’d like to recommend, please comment and/or email me as I’d like to update this list from time to time.

All for now – back to work…


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