Happy Holidays

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John Neggia I-304-76

Got a Christmas card just the other day from John and Virginia Neggia. John Neggia served with my Dad in Company I, 304th Infantry Regiment, 76th Division – part of Patton’s 3rd Army.

They were both only 18 years old when they started training at Camp McCoy in Wisconsin in the summer of 1944 (now Fort McCoy). I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Neggia in 2004 at one of the 76th Division Reunions.

John And Virginia Neggia
2004 – 76th Division Reunion

And here’s a pic of the 1st Platoon of Company I which Private 1st Class John Neggia served in, led by 2nd Lt. Steve Galanes. Galanes is just to the left of the Company I flag.
(Click on the image to see larger.)

To the left of him is Pfc. John Neggia.

Mr. Neggia once told me the following story regarding this picture.

John Neggia and Pfc. Tobias Gutierrez (sitting to the right of Galanas) had no intention of sitting for this picture so they went and hid, but Lt. Galanes found them. Galanes then marched them over to have their pic taken with the Platoon – and had them sit on either side of him.

At 91, Mr. Neggia keeps active in part by sharing his remembrances of the War at memorial services and other gatherings saluting our Veterans. Here are just a few of the most recent.

World War II Veterans Look Back on the War
The Northern Virginian Daily – May 26, 2017

World War II Veterans Offer Lessons in History, Service and Courage
The Sun Community News – Elizabethtown, New York – March 14, 2017

Veterans Honored at Special Memorial Dedication
Interviewed by WDVM-TV – Video

Veterans reflect on World War II’s ending
The Northern Virginian Daily – May 22, 2015

And for more pics, videos and info on Company I, check out my web page: Company I

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Letters – Washington Post

A reader’s response to the recent Sally Forth storyline featuring Ted’s Dad dying – from the Washington Post.

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NCS Thanks & Giving Auction

Would you like to own an original Sally Forth comic strip?
Click on image to go to the auction.

Sally Forth comic strip for November 23, 2017

The National Cartoonists Society has partnered with Heritage Auctions for the NCS Thanks & Giving Auction. All proceeds from the auction will be sent to Direct Relief, a charity that specializes in providing humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters. The strip offered is from Thanksgiving day, and is written by Francesco Marciuliano and drawn by yours truly, Jim Keefe.

It’s your chance to get some comic art AND support a good cause all at the same time! Auction ends November 30th – so check it out soon…

-Jim Keefe


Many thanks! As mentioned all proceeds from the auction will be sent to Direct Relief.

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Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

For more info on how to contact Congress to stop the FCC from killing net neutrality, go to battleforthenet.com

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Veterans Day

Here’s to my Dad on Veterans Day.
Richard J. Keefe (1925-1992)
Part of Patton’s 3rd Army in World War II.

And here’s a video I made awhile back honoring the men who served with him in I-304-76.

For more on Company I, check out my website at jimkeefe.com

-Jim Keefe

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Ted’s Dad Dies

A little behind the scenes on today’s Sally Forth strip.

First, Francesco Marciuliano’s script for this strip.

Scene: ONE PANEL. Interior, Hospital Hallway. Same Day. Long shot down the Palliative Wing Hallway. In the distance we see Ted and his mom hugging. They are crying but we don’t see really see their faces or any cartoon tears.

Original art.

Dot screen and lettering done digitally in Photoshop.

Color specification mirror inks.

The decision for the halo of light around Ted and his Mother was decided on as I had already done a hallway scene on October 22 where I tried to convey how you can feel all alone in a crowded hallway.

For the November 6th strip with Ted and his Mom I didn’t want to show the hallway completely empty (hospitals never are), but at the same time how the rest of the world goes away at that moment.

Hopefully it read that way for the readers as well.

Francesco has given me a lot of leeway on how to portray these scenes throughout.
I appreciate the trust he has in me in doing so, and hope the decisions I made in the illustrations did the story he beautifully crafted justice.

-Jim Keefe

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