Autoptic 2015 – Minneapolis, MN

PFC Exhibit
(“Pierre Feuille Ciseaux” or “Rock Paper Scissors”)
at MCAD prior to Autoptic – August 7, 2015

Bart King, June Julien Misserey and Jenny King

Mathieu Bouillant (facing camera)

Barbara Schulz.


Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
prior to Autoptic – August 7, 2015

Street in front of the Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
Jean-Christophe Menu (pink shirt), June Julien Misserey (dark grey shirt), Mathieu Bouillant (to the right of June holding camera), Mathilde Harmand (holding proofsheet), Marina Courtois (in red), Paulette Rossi (in dark grey holding camera) and Zak Sally (far right).

June Julien Misserey and Zak Sally in foreground.

Barbara Schulz and Zak Sally.

Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
Anders Nilsen & Zak Sally

April Yolando Kasulis, Andrew George, John Wilinski, Jack Kotz,
Marissa Luna, Ben Tye and Kat Bride.


Autoptic Festival 2015

Tessa Keefe manning my table.

Robin Sheldon & Nick Peters.

Happy daddy, Bart King.

Kitty Berry.

Maddi Gonzalez, Spencer Amundson and Marissa Luna.

Maddi Gonzalez, Spencer Allen Amundson, Marissa Luna,
Melissa Mariko Kieselburg and Andrew George.

Alexis Cooke and Hedwig Vinson.

Mandie Brasington and Jaime Willems.

Tom Kaczynski and Barbara Schulz.

Amaya Goldsmith.

Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud.

Carl Thompson, Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud

Paul Fricke.

Blue Delliquanti

Kyle Harabedian.

Mason Sklar (on right)

Christian Moser and Andrew Herbst (standing)

Erik Munson.

Erik Munson and Chan Chau (standing)

Ann Ryan, John Wilinski, Chase Van Weerdhuizen and Maddi Gonzalez.

Tyler Page

John Bivens and Alex Mitchell

Bryan Bornmueller and Ursula Murray Husted


Panel discussion

One of the many Autoptic paparazzo.
aka Amaya Goldsmith

Back room for artists to take a breather.

Not many conventions cater to their exhibitors with pastries like these – just saying…

Jim Keefe and his whole crew (Tessa, Anna, Leo and Sophie).


The view from my table.

And last but not least – the closing ceremony.

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Comic Book College is Moving

When a scene in Sally Forth calls for a specific locale (grocery store, movie theater, etcetera) I’ll often use spots around my hometown of Minneapolis for reference. For Hil and Faye’s local comic book shop I picked Comic Book College.

I use this comic book shop as it holds some nostalgia for me. When I was growing up in Minneapolis in the 1970s the collector’s market for comics was just getting underway. The two places to get back issues were Shinders on 7th and Comic City. Shinders on 7th was torn down decades ago but Comic City survived, morphing over the years into Comic Book College.

And now Comic Book College is moving to it’s new location at 4632 Nicollet Avenue.

So here’s wishing Tim Lohn and his crew all the best at their new location!

Tim Lohn with original Sally Forth page featuring Hil and Faye going to Comic Book College.

12/4/2016 Sally Forth page Tim Lohn is holding in prior pic.

And last but not least, from the Comic Book College Facebook page.


UPDATE: Pics from First Day
August 2, 2017

New Store – 4632 Nicollet Avenue

Comic Book College is open and ready for business!

LOTS of space for comics –
more drawers and display units yet to be delivered…

Kids section by front window getting organized.

Long row of new comics.

Back issue drawers with graphic novel shelves on top.

Tim Lohn on day one at the new location.

Talked to owner, Tim Lohn, and he said he didn’t quite get everything over to the new store yet, but they are open with what they’ve got so far and will just keep working on it over the next few weeks.

And coming up Saturday at Comic Book College – Emil Ferris!

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The Secrets of Spider-Man!

I just found out that my niece Heather thought that Spider-Man’s webbing is organic (like in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films) as opposed to a device that Peter Parker created.

For her to make this mistake is bad Uncle-ing on my part. So to rectify this I’m posting the following pages from the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man’s co-creators, and the ultimate authority on all things Spider-Man.


Click on images to see larger.




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Working From Home

My daughter Anna to a friend’s mother: “My Dad can’t come out east when we go because he has to get work done first.”
Friend’s mother: “But why, doesn’t he work out of the home?”

Quick aside; I moved in with my brother for about a year when we first moved to Minneapolis. He said, “I always thought working from home would be great…until I saw you do it. Realized that working from home means you NEVER LEAVE WORK.

Add to that (and in no particular order);
No paid sick days.
No tech department to fix your computer.
No health benefits.
No HR department to make sure you get paid.
No 401k.
Never mind someone “at the office” to fill in for you when you’re not there.
(Much less clean up and empty your waste basket during the night shift.)

And just to clarify, I get no health coverage through my work but I do get coverage through my wife’s job.

This is not the case for MANY freelancers who are one sickness or accident away from bankruptcy. GoFundMe accounts seem to crop up daily for fellow freelancers (sick or aging) caught in this trap.

Yup, just another day in the merry land of freelance-land!

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Sally Forth – Wonder Woman

With the San Diego Comic Con coming up this weekend, Sally is deciding between the 1970s or 2017 version of her favorite character.

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Working Professionally as a Cartoonist

A few things that I’ve learned over the years that have crystalized through teaching…

• Devote your time to sharpening your art skills AND your business skills – trends, networking, contracts, etcetera all.

• Don’t pigeonhole yourself to one small aspect of the art form, like limiting yourself to just comics. Remember that Michelangelo wanted to devote himself to sculpture when he was commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel.

• The people who succeed are generally the people who are working their asses off. Surround yourself with people like this, people who commit themselves fully and are getting their work out into the world. They’ll generally be better than you which is a GOOD thing – that way the bar keeps getting raised.

• Working hard isn’t enough, you have to work smart as well. You have to create work that’s marketable – that will suit the needs of someone who will then pay you.

• Working long hours with no sleep to meet deadlines isn’t the answer. Your career is a marathon, not a fifty yard dash. Eat right, exercise and sleep regularly like your parents told you to.

• Start now (yesterday is even better). Research the jobs you want, look at the submission guidelines (and follow them METICULOUSLY), then work up samples that will blow the competition out of the water. Follow Steve Martin’s advice to those aspiring to enter the entertainment field – “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

• To cap this off… If you treat your skills as a hobby then that’s where they’ll stay, as a hobby – and that’s FINE as long as that’s your conscious decision – but if you want to have it as your career then you need to get on board and on track.

And that’s…

For more info, check out the following links:

Comics – Pricing your Work

Things to Consider When Commissioning Artwork

Work for Hire – The Fallout

Homage or Swipe?

Cartoon Art Scams

Comics – Tools of the Trade

Comic Book Inking Tutorials and Videos

Recommended Books on Drawing & Cartooning


Using Reference


When you wish upon a star…

Motivational Misinformation

Working From Home

Convention Prep – AHHHHH!!!

Networking and the High Cost of Comic Conventions

Mike Wolfer on Fan art/Homage art

Graphic Novels

Comic Book Podcasts

Intro to Anime – sorely needed…

And last but not least, The Business of Cartooning.
This page has a number of subcategories, including…

1 Comic News Blogs
2. Contracts
3. Resources/Articles
4. Print On Demand Publishers
5. Self-Publishing Resource Articles
6. Convention Resources
7. Cartooning Schools and Organizations
8. Financial Aid


I started these posts after teaching Comic Art at the
Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Here’s the biggest thing I learned teaching there.


…and a special thanks to Professor Barb Schulz, head of the department,
for giving me that opportunity.

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The Comic Book Inside and Out – MCAD Continuing Education

Posting some art from a cartooning class I taught this summer for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Continuing Education program. Hope you enjoy!

The Comic Book Inside and Out
Ages 15-18 – Summer 2017

– Comic Book Pages in Progress –
Click on images to see larger.

Dale Austin

Reilly Stokes

Nina Brennecke

Ellery Hanson

Neeva White-Glasper

Mayu Watson

Grace Bocek


– Pics of Students –

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