Henry Cosplay

Interesting fun fact, Francesco Marciuliano and I were originally going to have Ted cosplay in the June 26th strip as the old comic strip character Henry, but it made scripting the jokes a little too difficult.

Check out more Sally Forth Comic Con fun at Comics Kingdom.

-Jim Keefe

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Coming This Summer to a Comic Strip Near You…

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Father’s Day 2018

One of my Dad’s favorite pastimes was fishing,
so here’s a drawing I did of him for Father’s Day 1992.

Richard Keefe (1925-1992).
He lead by example and taught all his kids the the meaning of family.
Love you for that, Dad!

-Jim Keefe

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IRS Scams

Francesco Marciuliano and I recently did a week of Sally Forth warning about IRS phone scams. We got lots of responses from readers who appreciated the call out. So as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus would say (over 40 reference), “Let’s be careful out there.”

-Jim Keefe

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Laid Off from King Features

Fun fact: The Flash Gordon comic strip for June 3, 2018 was originally released December 20, 1998 when the entire Comic Art Department of King Features in New York (myself included) was being laid off.

The “ancient dialect” I had the evil sorcerer Choong-li speaking is English backwards. Notice the difference between the text in the 2018 strip compared to the one from 1998?

And for those interested, here’s the full strip.

And that’s…

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