Stan Lee RIP (1922–2018)

Stan Lee – circa 1970s

I was fortunate enough to meet Stan Lee when I was working on staff at King Features Syndicate back in the 1990s. He was a young 75 years old at the time with the energy of someone in their thirties.

When I read the letter I got from him later I can hear that definitive way he had of speaking… “Excelsior!”

I’ve been reading a lot of similar letters online since his passing. Stan Lee consistently took the time over the years to write these kind of notes encouraging others in the business. Something quite out of the ordinary for someone with his fame.

An amazing and iconic man who will be sorely missed…


For more on Stan Lee I’d recommend the following two books.
(Click on the image for a link to

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Artists’ Reception – Steeple Center

I currently have an exhibition up of my Comic Art at the Steeple Center in Rosemount, Minnesota. It runs through December. Also featured is the photography of Norm Crouch.

November 7th was the Artists’ Reception, so here’s a few pics…

Craig MacIntosh and Jim Keefe sharing a few “working for the Syndicate” stories.

Sophie Keefe, Nadine Keefe, Tessa Keefe and Anna Keefe.

Favorite pic of the night. A herd of MCAD alum spotted in the wild.

Amaya and Jim with their dueling Spider-Men.
Picture @Jack Kotz

Ben Tye, Spencer Amundson and Jaime Willems.
Picture @Jack Kotz

Craig MacIntosh giving Jim Keefe a great intro.

Jim Keefe, Christian Santos, Jaime Willems, Ian Cross, Ben Tye, Jack Kotz, Maddi Gonzalez and Spencer Amundson. (Amaya is in there too hidden behind Ben).

Joe Keefe and Teresa Keefe

Back Row: Nadine Keefe, Sophie Keefe, Linda Madson, Dan Keefe and Will Dinski. Anna Keefe seated.

Cece Keefe and Coleen Keefe.

Jim Keefe talking about art and stuff.
Picture @Jack Kotz

More talk from Jim Keefe about art and stuff.

Hot cider and chocolate!


Last but not least, a special thanks to Mary Kay Langager of the Rosemount Area Arts Council for putting this exhibit together. Her hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated!

And for those who missed the Reception, the exhibit runs through December.

The Steeple Center
14375 South Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068

Open to the public Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm

For more info on the exhibit, go to:
Photos, cartoons reflect our world in Rosemount exhibit

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Steve Ditko – Creating Spider-Man

In remembrance of Steve Ditko.
November 2, 1927 – June 29, 2018

Here’s one of the most flawless and iconic pieces of sequential art ever produced – Spider-Man’s origin from Amazing Fantasy #15. These are the originals currently residing at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.


The following pages are Ditko’s “The Secrets of Spider-Man”
from the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1.

Click on images to see larger.



And here, in Ditko’s own words, is how Spider-Man was created.
From Avenging World – 2002


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Inktober 2018 – Happy Halloween

Inktober for October 31st – Showing inks old and new.

Fitting the last drawing for Inktober would be of Mike Myers. My take on an iconic shot from the movie. I threw in a little blue pencil to make it pop. This one is a request from Darren Holden of the High Kings for his sister @roseykk.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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Inktober 2018 – Day 21

Inktober for October 21st – Showing inks old and new.

Here’s today’s drawing, a pic of the fabulous illustrator Maddi Gonzalez. Granted it appears Maddi is highly suspicious of my brush by the way she’s looking at it.

Regardless… Issue 2 of her book Welcome to Wanderland came out just this past week (from Boom Studios). She’s a stellar artist and I recommend it HIGHLY!

For more info go to Boom Studios – WELCOME TO WANDERLAND #2

And follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to see more Inktober drawings.

-Jim Keefe

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