The Two Page Spread Interview

Here’s link to a recent interview I did at C2E2 for Guy Thomas’┬áblog,
The Two Page Spread.

Jim Keefe Interview

My daughter Tessa and I manning the table.

My daughter Tessa and I manning the table.

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Bill Mauldin (1921-2003)

Bill Mauldin (1921-2003) was a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.

He was most famous for his World War II cartoons featuring Willie and Joe, two war-weary and bedraggled infantrymen.





“First published on October 13, 1944, this cartoon made the 23-year-old Bill Mauldin the youngest Pulitzer Prize winner in history. Both he and his editors at Stars and Stripes were astonished by the selection, which did not seem to them particularly noteworthy.”

- Todd DePastino Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front



Bill Mauldin's editorial cartoon after President Kennedy was shot.

Bill Mauldin’s editorial cartoon after President Kennedy was shot.


Bill Mauldin - 1945

Bill Mauldin – 1945

Bill Mauldin - 1959

Bill Mauldin – 1959

Bill Maudlin - In the studio.

Bill Maudlin – In the studio.


Bill Mauldin’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery.


For more on Bill Mauldin, pick up Todd DePastino’s exceptional book,
Bill Mauldin: A Life Up Front.


Highly recommended.

I’ll let Charles Schulz have the last word via a strip he did for Veteran’s Day…


Click on image to see larger.

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Sally Forth – May 25, 2014


Quick behind the scenes look at some of the steps in creating a Sunday page.


Sally Forth

Sunday page in progress.


Finished inks with lettering and drop panel laid in.
(Click on image to see larger.)


Pretty standard for the condition of the proof sheets I receive.

And here’s the colored version that you can see at Comics Kingdom.



If Sally Forth isn’t in your local paper you can check it out online at…


A yearlong subscription to all of King Features’ comics (new and vintage) plus two years worth of archives for every single strip is a pittance at $19.99 a year. Unsure? Try a 7 day trial subscription for free.

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GODZILLA – By Stephen Bissette

At the same time in 1987 that Steve Bissette was wrapping up his groundbreaking run on Swamp Thing, this little gem was published through Dark Horse.


I’m including the credits page here as well so that all that were involved are cited.


What follows are a few sample pages. Page 1, 2-3 (double page spread) and page 20.


Click on image to see larger.

Click on image to see larger.


Page 20 in particular is pure Bissette – you can almost feel the weight of Godzilla’s foot by how he renders the folds in the creature’s massive hide.

The comic also included an immensely informative two-page text piece by Bissette entitled “Thirty Years of Godzilla” – along with Godzilla pin-ups by Paul Chadwick, Alan Moore, Charles Vess and others.

If you can find a copy of this back issue I highly recommend it!
But don’t just take my word for it…

Siskel and Ebert.

Siskel and Ebert.

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GOJIRA – by Stephen Bissette

One of my favorite originals from my collection…


GOJIRA (aka Godzilla)
by Stephen Bissette


Best viewed while listening to an excerpt from the Gojira theme by Akira Ifukube.

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GODZILLA – by Herb Trimpe

Herb Trimpe is one of my favorite artists – so here’s some Godzilla art courtesy of
Click on images to see larger.







HT- GW and godz cropped resized


Don’t own any of these originals myself, but did have Herb Trimpe sign the printed version of that last one.


For more on Herb Trimpe, including a New York Times piece that ran in 2000 in which he chronicles getting unceremoniously laid off from Marvel, check out my previous blog post at Herb Trimpe.

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Godzilla- The Lonely Monster

From the mind of Sally Forth writer Francesco Marciuliano


(For more of the same, go to Medium Large.)

It prompted me to take “The Lonely Man” theme (from the Incredible Hulk TV show of the 70s) and put it over a classic (and wonderfully weird) Godzilla movie clip…

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