Company I, 304th Regiment, 76th Division

Company I
304th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Division

The following pictures were taken at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin the Fall of 1944.

Commissioned Officers of Company I
Camp McCoy, Wisconsin – November 1944
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

(Left to Right) 2nd Lieutenant Steve Galanas, 2nd Lieutenant Richard Keefe, Captain Don Rue Hickman, 1st Lieutenant Donald Katz, 2nd Lieutenant Jay Hamilton

Company I – 304th Infantry Regiment – 76th Infantry Division
Camp McCoy, Wisconsin – November 1944
Photo courtesy of Jay Hamilton

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The following pictures were taken May of 1945, after V-E Day, while occupying the town of Schmölln, Germany.

Company Headquarter – May 1945
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

First Row – Bottom: S/Sgt. Lo Russo, 2nd Lt. William Richard, Capt. Donald Katz, 1st Lt. Richard Keefe, 1st Sgt. Anthony Fackelmann

Second Row: T/5 Raymond Martinez, Pfc. William Bankston, Sr., Pfc. Harold Suesse, T/4 Fong Him, Pfc. Marvin Trammel, Pfc. Jean Stephens, Pfc. Kenneth Hague, Pfc. Milton Schwartz

Third Row: Pfc. George Mortimer, Cpl. Earl Annis, Pfc. William Hedden, Pfc. Olland Seymour, Pfc. Thomas Geary, T/5 Malvin Leykauf, T/5 Philip Karas, Pfc. Elbert Dove, Pfc. Bernard Rosenburg

Not Pictured: T/5 James Bailey, Pfc. Tim Brooks, Pvt. Karl Cunningham, Pfc. Cleon Duke, Pfc. Frederick Echsner, Pfc. Fred Ethington, Sgt. Harvey Fowler, Pvt. Richard Gardner, S/Sgt. Philip Gillis, T/5 Anthony Grunder, Sgt. Donald Hawley, 1st Lt. Edward Hurley, Pfc. William Jones, Pfc. Ralph Kierski, Sgt. Jay Lachot, Pfc. Morris Levy, T/5 George Livernois, T/5 John Macomber, T/5 Lucien Nadeau, Pfc. Abel Parks, Pfc. Raymond Radtke, Pfc. Jack Sapoznik, Pfc. Elmer Slate, Pfc. James Thomson

First Platoon – May 1945
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

First Row – Bottom: S/Sgt. John Beardsmore, Pfc. Joseph Kopper, Pfc. Lester Ward, Pfc. Howard Kelly, Pfc. John Neggia, 1st Lt. Steve Galanes, Pfc. Tobias Gutierrez, T/5 Kermon Silver, Pfc. Julius Yellen, Pfc. James Quinn, Pfc. Arvel Rice, Pfc. Leroy Gansereit

Second Row: Sgt. Paul Kmett, Pfc. Lester Isaacs, Pfc. Robert Leonard, Pfc. Wilburn Rundle, T/5 Lawrence Beasley, Pfc. John Bozich, Pfc. Leonard Watson, Pfc. Douglas Johnson, Pfc. Edward Algas, T/5 Wallace Maze

Third Row: Pfc. Lloyd Brink, Pfc. Calvin Belue, Pfc. Richard Doucett, Pfc. Guy Stump Jr, Pfc. Richard Pfeiffer, Pfc. Ulysses Rogers Jr, Pfc. Joseph Kudyba, Pfc. Ernest Kaszian, Sgt. Zack Parsons, Pfc. Paul Henzarek

Fourth Row: S/Sgt. James Harris, S/Sgt. Sigmund Romanowski, Pfc. Joseph Todd Jr, S/Sgt. Thomas Rogers, Sgt. George Bailie, Pvt. Bobby Booz, Pfc. Carl Tillman, Pfc. John Pajor

Not Pictured: Sgt. Frank Favata, T/Sgt. Bernard Kelleher Jr, Cpl. Edwin Palmquist

Second Platoon – May 1945
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

First Row – Bottom: Pfc. Joseph Caroll, Pfc. Wayne Thompson, Pfc. George Blount, S/Sgt. Joseph Zellner, Sgt. Arthur Martinez, 2nd Lt. Jay Hamilton, S/Sgt. Palmer Kittelson, Pfc. Frederick Rosenberry, Pfc. Raymond Gold

Second Row: S/Sgt. Wilson Thompson, Pfc. Charles Simmons, Pfc. Mark Tomasek, Pfc. Martin Silverman, Pvt. Kenneth Beckman, Pvt. Samuel Morbit, Pfc. Carl Canterbury, Pfc. John Needum, Pvt. Charles Banks Jr, Pfc. Lorel Roestel, S/Sgt. Roland Dubois

Third Row: Sgt. Michael Sapalik Jr, Pfc. James Wood, Pfc. Ernest Lege, Pfc. Alphie Gagnon, Pfc. Peter Motherway, Pfc. Clarence Hornsby, Pfc. Jack Adams, Cpl. Bernard Rish, T/5 Robert Laselle

Fourth Row: Cpl. Charles Hawk, Pfc. Larry Gleaton, Pfc. Johnny Cochran, Pfc. Jack Burns, Pvt. Martin Gorneault Jr, Pfc. Curtis Fellure, Pfc. Hugh Maguire, Pfc. John Odgers Jr. Pfc. Harry Paff, Pvt. George Bergen

Not Pictured: Pvt. Herman Hahler, Pvt. Kenneth Obrecht, 2nd Lt. Charles Sands III, Pfc. Francis Schott, T/5 Olvin Stephens, Pvt. Albert Sutton

Third Platoon – May 1945
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

First Row – Bottom: S/Sgt. Silvio Zinicola, S/Sgt. Anthont DiMare, Pfc. Jesse Slovacek, Pfc. George Bowden, Pfc. Paul Sanderson, Pfc. Wayne Hardy, Pvt. Alphie Leblond, Pfc. Robert Wendell, Pfc. Leo Goldenstein, Pfc. R. G. Johnston, Pfc. William Norford, Sgt. James Mulligan

Second Row: S/Sgt. Walter Williams, S/Sgt. James Cotton, Pfc. Kenneth Morgan, Pfc. Salvador Vasquez, Pfc. Henry Kopinski, Pfc. Glendon McGee, Pfc. William Bowles, Pfc. Manuel Rivera, Pfc. Lewis Maker, Pfc. Thomas Fichera, Cpl. Joseph Grasso, Pfc. Donald Trexler

Third Row: S/Sgt. George Hatcher, Pfc. Harold Sharp, Pfc. James Turner, Pfc. Clarence Deaton, Pfc. Woodrow Dunn, Cpl. Arthur Carlson, T/4 Robert Steiger, Pvt. Clifford Dilla, Pfc. Curtis Spencer, Pvt. Donald Howland, Sgt. Verner Drake

Not Pictured: Pfc. Frank Ceniceros, Pvt. Marvin Gerstin, Pfc, Pedro Lopez, T/Sgt. Frank Mucedola, Pfc. Ashel Shults Jr, Pfc. Eugene Tortolano

Weapons Platoon – May 1945
Photo courtesy of Donald Katz

First Row – Bottom: Sgt. Theodore Pleasants, Pfc. Richard Cook, Pfc. Edward Borgoyn, Pvt. Charles Pawlowski, Pfc. Malcolm Kerr, Sgt. Eugene Sharp, Pfc. Myron Chaderjian, Pfc. William Brockerman, Pfc. Frederick Hannon, /Sgt. William Neil

Second Row: Sgt. Donald Pessimier, Pfc. Ted Cook, Pfc. Ben Hensley, Pvt. Alfred Gwara, Pfc. George Kline, Cpl. Irwin Cohen, T/5 Samuel Jones, Pfc. Jesse Addington, Pfc. William Davis, Pfc. Donald Hepfer

Third Row: Sgt. John Scott Jr, Pfc. Norman Alderman, Pfc. Wesley Simmons, Pfc. Norman White, Pfc. Keith Hier, Cpl. Howard Landefeld, Pfc. Richard Hooley, Pfc. John Jardini, Pfc. Dale Roth, Pfc. Frederick Stefansen

Not Pictured: 1st Lt. Robert Conrad, S/Sgt. Charles Miller, Sgt. Ernest Wagganer


German City Honors 76th Division – Frank Mucedola

Schmölln, Germany – Then and Now

John Neggia I-304-76

Lt Richard Keefe – Nuremberg, Germany

Brig. Gen. Don Rue Hickman 1918-2005

Memorial Day: Robert Lee 1925-1945

Roll of Honor – Those Killed in Action


This web page is dedicated to my Dad and all the men who served with him in the 76th Infantry Division. I would like to thank the following veterans who have graciously assisted me in my research.

Donald Katz
Jay Hamilton
Don Rue Hickman
Lester Isaacs
Sam Jones
Frank Mucedola
John Neggia

For more check out: Company I – Sketchbook & Notes

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  1. Jim Karas says:

    Jim My Dad was in Company I, Donald Katz’s Jeep Driver. I was wondering if you possibly had any photos of my Dad or anything on him to share with me. My Dad passes away 16 years ago and any momentos he had were lost.
    Thank You Jim Karas

    • Jim Keefe says:

      Yes I do! Don Katz let me scan a bunch of his old photos from WWII so I have digital files on hand. Email me at and I’ll send them to you. Side note: I was able to meet a number of the Veterans from Company I (before they passed away). They all remembered your Dad fondly.

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