Inktober 2018 – Day 2

Showing inks old and new for Inktober 2018.

Here’s pencils and inks done for two upcoming Sally Forth dailies. The space needed for lettering is figured out as part of the rough layouts that I light box onto bristol paper. I then scan the artwork and lay the lettering in digitally in Photoshop.

I’m running a little late on deadlines, therefor I saw the need to draw a crowded hallway in the first panel instead of taking a shortcut. As in, “What the heck was I thinking?!”

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-Jim Keefe

About Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe is the current artist of the Sally Forth comic strip, he is also the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip - both available at A graduate of the Joe Kubert School, Keefe likewise teaches Comic Art. Teaching and speaking engagements include SVA in Manhattan, Hofstra’s UCCE Youth Programs, The University of Minnesota and most recently the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
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  1. At least you didn’t draw full figures!

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