Flash Gordon 8/20/2000 – Inspired by T-Boz

Originally posted 12/9/2012. Updated 1/2/2013.

The Flash Gordon strip rereleased by King Features today (12/9/2012) originally ran on August 20, 2000.

I had met with legendary cartoonist Al Williamson just a couple years prior and showed him how I had updated Prince Thun from Alex Raymond’s original version – suffice it to say he gave me a look (with an eyebrow raised) that said “Really..?”

I decided to stay true to the Raymond version from then on out.

My initial updating of Prince Thun – whereas the Lion-Man looked more like a lion.

Modeling Thun after Raymond's version.

Modeling Thun after Raymond’s version.

One way to flesh out a character you’re creating is to use a model or picture reference for inspiration. Here’s an example of Alex Raymond doing as much – modeling Captain Sudin after matinee idol Errol Flynn.

For King Vultan’s headstrong daughter Princess Tyree I needed a character who just radiated strength and self-confidence.

I went with Tionne Watkins – or T-Boz from TLC.

It’s amazing how much easier a character is to write and draw once you have a clear image of them in your head – it ends up changing your story in ways you hadn’t even imagined. What came out of using T-Boz for inspiration was that when Princess Tyree first meets Flash Gordon – she’s not all that impressed…


In Writing 101 you learn to avoid cliches. One of the cliches for Flash Gordon stories is that the female characters all swoon over him. In this respect I thought Tyree would be a welcome change.


It’s said that strong characters write themselves, it’s not entirely the case, but it sure gives you more tools in your toolbox to work with.

Close-up of original art.

Artwork from the August 20, 2000 Flash Gordon Sunday page.

The toolbox analogy is from Stephen King. For more on the craft of writing I recommend reading King’s On Writing. One of the best books out there on the subject as far as I’m concerned.

All for now. And as always, to follow Flash Gordon online check out:

Update: For more strips from this story, check out: Flash Gordon – Princess T-Boz

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