Francesco Marciuliano Sally Forth

Sally Forth – Doctor Who

Back in July of 2013 buy neurontin, gabin, gabapin uk Francesco Marciuliano was at San Diego’s world famous Comic-Con signing his bestselling humor book, I Could Pee on This, and Other Poems by Cats.

He also had on hand a buy Clomiphene research Sally Forth/Doctor Who print that I had the opportunity to work on.


Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of this drawing…

The script and set-up was all Francesco’s.

Ted on the left dressed as the Eleventh Doctor Who (current Matt Smith version) fixing his bow tie as he says “Bow ties are cool.” On the right Sally would look at the TARDIS between them, saying “Please tell me you didn’t replace our water heater with this.”

Because the image was going to be formatted two different ways, I did the drawing in pieces instead of as a single image. Here’s the separate images (without the type).

sig ballons

By putting the images on different layers in Photoshop I could then manipulate them on the layout to fit according to the specs.

Here’s the two different layouts side by side for comparison.


Note: Working in layers can save you a lot of time, especially if a client wants to make some minor changes to your layout. This way you won’t end up doing a lot of last minute additional drawing.

Addendum to Note…


By Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe is the current artist of the Sally Forth comic strip. From 1996-2003 he was the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip. A graduate of the Joe Kubert School, Keefe likewise teaches Comic Art. Teaching and speaking engagements include SVA in Manhattan, Hofstra’s UCCE Youth Programs, and most recently the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.