Comics Revue

Comics Revue – December 2013


Cover by Kamal Jim Keefe

I always loved the holiday covers for the old Marvel Treasury Editions where they’d have all the characters in some kind of Christmas setting.

So when I was asked by Rick Norwood to do the December buy disulfiram 500mg Comics Revue cover, I knew exactly what kind of image I’d be shooting for. I tried to make a bunch of the ornaments comic strip related as well.

Below is the black and white version…


And speaking of which, the lineup for the December issue includes:

    Flash Gordon
    by Dan Barry

    Flash Gordoncolor Sundays
    by Mac Raboy and Harry Harrison

    Sir Bagby
    by R&D Hackney

    by John Celardo and Dick van Buren

    Tarzancolor Sundays
    by Russ Manning

    Krazy Kat
    by George Herriman

    Alley Oopcolor Sundays
    by V. T. Hamlin

    Mandrake the Magiciancolor Sundays
    by Lee Falk and Phil Davis

    The Phantomcolor Sundays
    by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

    Buz Sawyer
    by Roy Crane

    Gasoline Alleycolor Sundays
    by Dick Moores

    Steve Canyoncolor Sundays
    by Milton Caniff

    Rick O’Shay – Episode Guide
    Compiled by Jostein Hansen – Stories & art by Stan Lynde

    Casey Rugglescolor Sundays
    by Warren Tufts

    Modesty Blaise
    by Peter O’Donnell and Romero

To pick up a copy, check with your local comic book shop.
If they don’t carry it, suggest it.

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By Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe is the current artist of the Sally Forth comic strip. From 1996-2003 he was the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip. A graduate of the Joe Kubert School, Keefe likewise teaches Comic Art. Teaching and speaking engagements include SVA in Manhattan, Hofstra’s UCCE Youth Programs, and most recently the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.