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Homage or Swipe?

Okay, here’s the deal from my vantage point – and a heads up to newcomers in the field. If you are copying or lifting a drawing from another artist and not giving that artist credit, that’s a swipe. If you … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon 8/20/2000 – Inspired by T-Boz

Originally posted 12/9/2012. Updated 1/2/2013. The Flash Gordon strip rereleased by King Features today (12/9/2012) originally ran on August 20, 2000. I had met with legendary cartoonist Al Williamson just a couple years prior and showed him how I had … Continue reading

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The Artists of EC Comics

The following is a clip spotlighting the artists of EC Comics from the 2004 documentary, Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television. That they got Bernie Wrightson talking about Graham ingels work is reason enough to check it … Continue reading

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