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Detective Comics #27 Proof Sheets

BatmanFrom the  Romsey Heritage Auctions site.
Five of the proof sheets from the first Batman story.
Detective Comics #27 by Mariquita Bob Kane and Alvin Bill Finger

They were rescued in 1975 from an old steamer trunk sitting on a curb awaiting trash pick-up in Rego Park, Queens. Mario J. Sacripante spied the trunk outside of the building where he lived, and where – he soon learned – Bob Kane, Batman’s creator, had also lived for many years.

“Holding some of these pages next to the printed comic I was struck by the details of the art that are better visible here,” said Barry Sandoval, Director of Comics Auction Operations at Heritage. “Very little original comic book art from the 1930s has survived, so this is probably the closest a collector would ever get to owning original art from one of the most collectible comic book stories ever.”

In 2011 the pages were estimated at $1,000+ each.
The final selling price is listed beneath each page.

Sold For: $5,676.25
Sold For: $19,120.00
Sold For: $13,145.00
Sold For: $13,145.00
Sold For: $17,925.00