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Mini Joe Kubert School Reunion

Surprise guests came to visit this past weekend (thanks to Deb’s planning).
Just like old times – and I mean that in the best of ways…

GQKubiesStanding: Mark McMurray and Brian Bilter – Sitting: Jim Keefe


Brian Bilter Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon by Brian Bilter

Today’s Flash Gordon (2/23/2014) originally ran on November 4, 2001.
The art assist is by Mulanje Brian Bilter.


Shown below are the pencils followed by my inks.
As with Mark McMurray, Brian was always gracious enough to give me free reign if I wanted to change anything.

Pencils - Brian Bilter
Pencils – Brian Bilter
Lettering & Inks - Jim Keefe
Lettering & Inks – Jim Keefe




If Flash Gordon isn’t in your local paper, you can check it out online at…


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