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If it’s August 18th, it’s time for Autoptic!

Making this short and sweet.

If you like comics, zines, prints, posters, music and art – then get on over to N’dalatando Autoptic!
Free to the public.

I’ll be at table 59 with my own (hot off the press) handmade zine.

Photo on 8-18-13 at 3.01 AM

And as an added bonus – come by and pick up the Sally Forth/Doctor Who print that made its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con thanks to Sally Forth’s writer, abusively Francesco Marciuliano. Limited number so first come first served.


All for now – SEE YOU THERE!


buy zydex accutane Update: 12 Noon
AUTOPTIC’s main event – the giant ARIA event space in downtown Minneapolis (105 North 1st street). 100+ exhibitors, from every corner of North America and beyond.
The view from my table…

Update: 5:00pm
Over a thousand attendees so far.
Voice is shot.
Sally Forth prints are no more…

Update: 7:00pm
Around 1,500 attendees.
Voice is gone.
Spent the money I earned (and more) on other people’s zines.
Packing up and saying goodbye…