Autoptic Festival 2022

Had a great time at the 2022 Autoptic Festival.
Special shout-out to all the hard work Robert Algeo and the crew at Autoptic did to make it such a stellar show!

It’s been 6 years since I’ve tabled at an Art Festival/Comic-Con, so it was especially fantastic to reconnect with so many familiar faces – and also meet some new ones.

All set up at my table.
Table assistants Anna (standing) and Sophie (seated).

And thanks to everyone who came out and bought my new Pen & Ink zine. Tried to do as many sketches in them as time would allow.

Of course the big news was that, after having been married 27 years, this is the first time Deb has tabled with me (she was usually watching the kids).

All the work she did made for a much less stressful experience. And on top of that she’s stunningly beautiful so win-win.

Last but not least… Had a great time Sunday on the panel “For the Love of Short Form” with fellow cartoonists Kam White, Pat Rooks And Caroline Cash. Moderated by the fantastic Pete (doesn’t miss a beat) Faecke.

If you weren’t able to make it to the panels on Sunday, no problem! Just check them out on YouTube…

Once again, many thanks to every who took the time to come out to the show – and looking forward to the next Autoptic Festival!

– Jim Keefe


Autoptic Festival – August 8-9, 2015


My daughter, Tessa manning our table.
My daughter Tessa manning the table.

New cards printed up for the show.
New cards printed up for the show.

And here’s the view from my table as the Autoptic Festival got underway this morning.

The Autoptic Festival is two days this year so there’s one more madcap day left – hope to see you there!


Preview – Time Wasters

Be sure to stop by my table at the upcoming Autoptic Festival (August 8-9, 2015)
as I’ll have a preview of Luke Ellison’s Time Wasters

I’ll be at table #57 and
Kyle (drawing in style) Harabedian will be at table #82.
Note: Click on map to see larger.


For more, click on the following link: Autoptic Festival
Hope to see you there!


Autoptic Festival Exclusive – Combat Paper NJ


Be sure to stop by my table at the upcoming Autoptic Festival (August 8-9, 2015) as I’ll be showcasing the work of Combat Paper NJ. Combat Paper is a program of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, run by veterans for veterans.

Dave Keefe, the director of Combat Paper (and more importantly my nephew), is a former Marine who served in Iraq and holds a master’s in fine arts in painting from Montclair State.

The paper for each print is made from military uniforms that have been shredded, pulped and pressed. Veterans are invited to bring their uniforms to Combat Paper’s weekly open workshop and, through the steps of traditional papermaking, transform them into platforms for their works of art. A process both transformative and cathartic that aids in helping veterans move ahead with their lives.

Couldn’t be prouder of the work Dave has done, so be sure to stop by my table (#57) to check it out!