Sally Forth

Sally Forth Bloopers – Hitting your Mark

Thought it might be fun to show an outtake from the April 25, 2014 Sally Forth strip.
Here’s the original copy my editor, Ealish Waddell, received.


And here’s the correspondence that followed. Waddell, Ealish B
Hi Jim.
On the Sally for Friday 4/25, in the last panel, it looks like Hilary’s and Ted’s lines have been switched. Can you adjust the art/balloons there and resend at your earliest convenience? Thanks!
Ealish Jim Keefe
Hi Ealish,
The corrected 4/25 Sally Forth daily is attached. Thanks for the catch!
I’ve talked to Ted and Hillary about hitting their marks so their word balloons correspond as well.

Jim Waddell, Ealish B
They do seem like the troublesome type. Thanks!

Followed by the corrected take.


These mistakes usually happen at the 2-3am mark when the actors are getting a little punchy. Or punchier than usual as the case may be – but that’s for another post…