Jeremy Dale

Cartoonist Jeremy Dale – RIP

 Jeremy Dale with wife, Kelly.
Jeremy Dale with wife Kelly at DragonCon 2010.

Sad news, just heard that artist Jeremy Dale has passed away.
I’m at a loss for words – Jeremy was truly one of the good ones. A talented artist and always greeted you with a smile. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Kelly.

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I’ll leave you with a brief video of Jeremy doing a commission sketch at C2E2 2011.

For those interested, here are two GoFundMe accounts that were set up
to help Kelly with expenses.

Help Out Kelly Dale
Jeremy and Kelly Dale fund


C2E2 – Tessa and I

Realized I didn’t have a picture of myself from the convention.

Here’s one taken by the C2E2 Photo Booth Facebook page.



C2E2 Saturday April 26, 2014

Convention sketch – my take on Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese.

Tom Servo and Crow.
Tom Servo and Crow.
Not a costume to wear if you're claustrophobic.
Not a costume to wear if you’re claustrophobic.
Ghostbusters' prop.
Ghostbusters’ prop.
Lunch - and this is nothing compared to the lines for food vendors...
Lunch – and this is nothing compared to the lines for food vendors…
Sally and Ted con sketch.
Sally and Ted con sketch.
Kristina Chlebowski with her Sally and Ted con sketch.
Kristina Chlebowski with her Sally and Ted con sketch.

More to follow…


C2E2 Special Guest – Jim Keefe

Here’s my info for C2E2 2014


APRIL 25-27, 2014

And be sure to check out their Comic Guests List for all of the rest
of the outstanding artists who will be in attendance.

Hope to see you there!

Conventions Joe Kubert

The Kubert School at C2E2

It was great seeing The Kubert School represented at C2E2 this year.

Brigid Allanson (left) and Angie Fernot (right) - Class of 2012.
Brigid Allanson and Angie Fernot – Class of 2012.

And with the Kubert School you don’t just get some random shill handing out flyers, but two highly skilled Kubert School graduates giving you practical firsthand information, Brigid Allanson (left) and Angie Fernot (right).

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The two were fielding questions, selling prints and were available for portfolio reviews.

And speaking of which…
Even though there were a lot of publishers at C2E2, those companies had people on the floor to sell merchandise, not to look over an aspiring cartoonists portfolios. With Brigid and Angie you had two artists that have a working knowledge of the field that is just invaluable to the up-and-comer looking to break into the business.

I doff my Joe Kubert School hat to them in salute.


Disclaimer: Jim Keefe is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School and would be working convention service at a Hyatt Regency right now if not for the skills learned at the school – to which he is eternally grateful.

Disclaimer 2: Jim Keefe has no beef with the Hyatt Regency chain of hotels and was even awarded the Hyatt Regency’s Convention Service department’s “Employee of the Month” in 1986 before moving out east to attend the Joe Kubert School.