Charles Schulz Francesco Marciuliano Sally Forth

A Sally Forth Christmas

Here’s the Sally Forth Sunday page for November 29, 2015.
Click on image to enlarge.


And here’s Francesco Marciuliano’s script for the logo panel.

competitively Scene: Christmas Tree Lot, Exterior, Day.
Hilary, Sally, and Ted gather (in that order) around the very same tree from the “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” They all look down at it.
where to order prednisone online Ted: Nope.



Look close and you’ll notice, I even gave Ted Charlie Brown’s hat and coat.

As 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas, hope you enjoy this little tip of the hat to Schulz From Francesco and I.


Side note: The soundtrack always sets the mood around my house this time of year.