Sally Forth

Sally Forth Cosplay – 7/12/2018

More Cosplay in the July 12, 2018 Sally Forth strip.

Storm from the X-men, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Black Panther, Steve from Minecraft, Elastigirl and a Battle of the Planets t-shirt thrown in for good measure.

And here’s the full strip.

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Sally Forth

On the Drawing Board – Sally Forth 7/1/2018

Original art for the 7/1/2018 Sally Forth comic strip.

And the full strip from Comics Kingdom.

And if you look closely you’ll see how I altered the Edna Mode cosplay in panel two when cleaning it up digitally to match Edna’s sneer more.

Lots more comic con and cosplay fun in the weeks ahead…

-Jim Keefe