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High Kings Illustration – 2018

Here’s a quick overview of an illustration I just did of the Coconut Creek High Kings.

I used the following photo for reference. It was a pic the High Kings had posted that wasn’t a posed shot and also included instruments, which appealed to me.

For the purpose of my drawing, I didn’t want the foreground figure to be so much larger that it would dominant the picture, so I moved the band members around a little for a tighter layout. I did that by moving the figure on the left over, but also moving the characters in the foreground and background closer to each other so they’re also closer in size than they are in the photo.

First run at inks after layout and pencils are done.

After my first run at inks I erase the pencils and see where I’m at, which involves getting better picture reference for aspects of the photo that were on the periphery and slightly out of focus. Then it’s a matter of tightening up the drawing and finishing up the inks.

Finished inks.

Here’s the art after being scanned. Digital is where I have another pass at tightening up anything that still bothers me. In this case it was the hand holding the neck of the guitar in the foreground and the strings on said guitar.

Inks are scanned at 800 dpi bitmap.

For coloring I wanted to try something a little different. Recently I’ve really been taken by the art of cartoonists like Lyrica order form Rosemary Valero-O’Connell.

Illustration from “What Is Left” by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell.

Her strong and effective use of a monochromatic color palette was something I definitely thought would work well for the High Kings pic.

So first off was changing the black line to a dark green. After that I kept it simple with just  a mid-tone and a lighter tone.

When coloring I’ll give each tone a different layer in Photoshop.

Last but not least I needed something to frame the image. As the High Kings are one of the most popular Irish folk bands around I went with the Irish flag. The High King’s logo thrown in for good measure and it’s all finished!

Hope you enjoyed this little window into the thought process that goes behind a drawing. Have to wrap this up as I’m heading off tonight to see the buy Pregabalin tablets High Kings here in the Twin Cities at the Cedar Cultural Center (sold out of course) – so that’s all for now. Sláinte!

Ramblings & Reviews

St. Patrick’s Day Week with the High Kings

What better way to spend the week of St. Patrick’s Day than going to see the High Kings?

Here’s their current schedule. Tickets are limited, so get ’em while you still can!
High Kings – Official Website


Many thanks to the one and only Paddy McPoland for securing my wife and I seats for their show in Cedarburg, Wisconsin before it sold out.

Here’s my way of saying thanks…


The “After Joe Shuster” is of course reference to this iconic cover…

Superman #1 - 1939
Superman #1 – 1939

And as someone with an Irish Dad and Polish Mom, I find no end of amusement to Paddy’s name. Along those lines, here’s a button Paddy got from a High Kings fan in Muskegon last year…


All for now. Leaving you with one of my favorite songs off their new CD, Four Friends Live Friends for Life.

Ramblings & Reviews

The High Kings are coming to the Twin Cities


An unabashed plug for the High Kings and their upcoming show at
the Cedar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 – 7:30pm
Doors Open: 7:00pm
Advance: $20.00 – Day of show: $25.00
Seated show; all ages


Opening act, SisterTree


Having just been to Ireland for the first time in my life this past June, looking forward to a little piece of Ireland coming to Minneapolis…

Got my tickets – hope to see you there!

Rocky Road to Dublin from a 2008 performance.