Sally Forth

Inktober 2018 – Day 1

Inktober for October 1st – Showing inks old and new.

Here’s a Godzilla/Sally Forth mashup from last year’s Kaiju Theme Park storyline.

I pasted on the lettering (which is usually done in Photoshop, not on the original) so you can see the whole gag. The last panel was done digitally so that’s a paste-up as well. As you can probably guess, this one took awhile.

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-Jim Keefe

Sally Forth


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Black and white with title panel.


Unabashed plug time!

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Sally Forth

Kaiju Warning!

Sally Forth

Japanese Monster Theme Park

The Comics Kingdom blog recently asked cartoonists to tell them about their summer plans (for the strip’s characters or for themselves).

So a quick heads up that Sally Forth and the family are going to a Japanese Monster Theme Park – and Faye and Nona are along for the ride as well!

So stay tuned…