Everett K. Ross at C2E2

Word on the street was that Ulysses Klaue was in Chicago April sixth through the eighth looking to fence a stash of stolen Vibranium. My Command Center for the weekend was at McCormick Place – concurrent to some convention called buy disulfiram online cheap C2E2 (whatever that is).

As luck would have it I found an ally.
Enter –  buy Latuda online The Black Panther!

Unfortunately before we could pool our resources, Doctor Otto Octavius (street name Doctor Octopus) attacked! Thankfully Spider-Man happened on the scene and was able to subdue him before any injuries were incurred.

Derailed on my search for Klaue, I ran into a new formidable adversary…

I’ll add that he was NOT at all happy that I called him “Killraven” by mistake.
The look he gave me after the fact was to die for – literally.

But before Killmonger could wipe that smug look off my face, we were set upon by Galactus, devourer of worlds!

Thinking fast, I made it known to the all-powerful Galactus where the nearest McDonalds was (to satiate his endless hunger) and the threat was over.
But Killmonger had escaped!

I barely had time to catch my breath before running into none other than…


And he had obviously bulked up since our last encounter (something about a heart-shaped herb he ingested – a plant native to Wakanda).

But before he could exact his revenge on me, I was saved  by the combined forces of none other than  Supergirl and Wonder Woman!

My mind reeling from the licensing and copyright issues of a DC/Warner Brothers & Marvel/Disney crossover, I commandeered the nearest vehicle and made my escape.

All in all a successful assignment.