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Sins Past – But Not Forgotten

If you may remember from a previous post, I’m not a big fan of the Spider-Man storyline “Sins Past” – where they retcon continuity (the alteration of previously established facts in a fictional work) by having the Green Goblin “do the nasty” with Peter Parker’s beloved, Gwen Stacy.


Since it’s part of Marvel canon over at their Marvel Universe Wiki page, I though I would give the comics in this particular storyline to a team of scientists to gauge just how godawful (in scientific terms) this storyline actually is.

Scientists in protective garb reading "Sins Past."
Scientists in protective garb reading “Sins Past.”

Here are their official, indisputable results…
Click on image to see larger.

Jumpthe Shark

So there you have it.
This is one BAD story.

And really, if you can’t trust the Fonz, who can you trust?