First off are Artist Spotlights: George Evans, John Cullen Murphy and John Romita Sr lead the pack, followed by a tribute to the great John Prentice.

Next is a link to purchase Alter Ego #20, wherein Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt highlights Flash Gordon Guest Artists Al Williamson, George Evans and Michael T. Gilbert. (Now 15% off!)

Last but not least, artwork I did back in the early 90s for Personality Comics. (Has it been that long already?)

-Jim Keefe

George Evans

Artist Spotlight

Featuring a biography by Steve Stiles
and interview by Jim Keefe from 1999.

Also includes artwork from Evans' work on Secret Agent Corrigan and the anthology, Far Lands Other Days by E. Hoffman Price.

John Cullen Murphy

Interview from 2000

Best known as the artist hand-picked by Hal Foster to take over Prince Valiant, John Cullen Murphy talks about his early art instruction, his time in the army and his illustrious career.

John Romita

Circa 1988: Intrepid reporters Jim Keefe and John Mietus
interview Marvel Comics Art Director John Romita on assignment for the Joe Kubert School.

Or more precisely, a homework assignment
for the Joe Kubert School.

John Prentice

Tribute Page

• Reminiscences from family and friends
• NCS directory listing
• The last week of Rip Kirby ghosted by Frank Bolle
And much more...

Alter Ego #20

Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt
spotlights writer/artist Jim Keefe's work on the Flash Gordon newspaper strip.

Featuring artwork by Al Williamson, George Evans,
Jim Keefe and Michael Gilbert!

Artwork from the Vault

Pinups done for a Paula Abdul
comic book back in 1991.