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Gary Gianni – The Prince Valiant Page

For those who haven’t already heard, Tom Yeates has replaced Gary Gianni on the Prince Valiant strip.

To commemorate Gianni’s run, I STRONGLY suggest Flesk Publications’ The Prince Valiant Page. I finally picked it up myself recently when I was at C2E2 this year. Gary Gianni had sold all the copies he had brought to Saturday’s show, so he promised to bring more on Sunday. I was so busy running around Sunday that I almost missed him – he had packed up when I finally got to his table. The picture below was taken just as he was about to leave (with my copy in hand).

Gary Gianni

Flesk Publications did a fantastic job on the reproductions in this book. Gianni chronicles the transition between John Cullen Murphy and himself with a generous amount of artwork and reference. There’s also foldout pages so you can see the Sunday pages at their best.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

-Jim Keefe.