George Evans on Calvin and Hobbes

"The number one comic of all my life to date is, beyond doubt or question, Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes.

No one melded art and text as superbly as Bill Watterson. Though the art is deliberately cartoony, it is truly Fine Art and the color work rises up to the quality Foster painted into Prince Valiant. Though I have been in the "wrinkle-boy" category and have a quiz-show-prime addiction to the realistic strips, I have in fact elevated Watterson up to the tip top. Over a long life and a total love of comics, Calvin and Hobbes is the only - ONLY- one which consistently has me laughing out loud, even when I reread them and when alone. Laughter is contagious but when you're alone at any wacky hour (and often even grumpy and out of sorts) you find yourself laughing out loud, that's about as good as humor gets. With the artwork (and that includes the limited reproduction possibilities) Watterson's impressionistic seasons, the frenetic energy, the RIGHTNESS of action and motion, the topnotch perspective and use thereof of "simple cartooning" floors me.

I love Calvin and Hobbes, but hate Watterson for taking it away from us. Without C&H the Sunday comics ain't any great shakes anymore. As the NCS magazine put it, "We all miss you and your magical work," but wish you the best. My fantasy is that come Christmas there'll be another new book of Calvin and Hobbes, or whatever else he finds worth doing."

-George Evans

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