Business of Cartooning

The Business of Cartooning

Original posted on 11/28/2012 – updated on 11/2/2020

The following is a resource page for Cartoonists/Comic Artists I’ve put together in regards to the business side of the profession. It’s culled from various sources that I’ve found helpful or informative over the years. It doesn’t cover everything, but it can be used as a starting point.

Originally I had a whole section on “Work for Hire” but that ended up needing a whole post of its own: Work for Hire – The Fallout

If there’s any links you’d like to suggest I add, just email me at
I’m always on the lookout for items that are off my radar.

Breakdown of categories that follow:

1. Comic News Blogs
2. Contracts
3. Resources/Articles
4. Print On Demand Publishers
5. Self-Publishing Resource Articles
6. Convention Resources
7. Cartooning Schools and Organizations
8. Financial Aid

1. Comic News Blogs:

2. Contracts:

3. Resources/Articles:

4. Print On Demand Publishers:

5. Self-Publishing Resource Articles:

    The Definitive List of Comic Publisher Submission Guidelines
    Jason Thibault – Circa 2015

6. Convention Resources:

7. Cartooning Schools and Organizations:

8. Financial Aid:

For more info, check out Working Professionally as a Cartoonist.
It’s a resource page that includes all my work related posts on cartooning.

It includes, Pricing your Work, Tools of the Trade, Recommended Books on Drawing & Cartooning, and much, much more…

By Jim Keefe

Jim Keefe is the current artist of the Sally Forth comic strip, he is also the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip - both available at A graduate of the Joe Kubert School, Keefe likewise teaches Comic Art. Teaching and speaking engagements include SVA in Manhattan, Hofstra’s UCCE Youth Programs, The University of Minnesota and most recently the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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