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The Five Best Flashes Ever Anywhere

Full Disclosure: This was a post done for back in 2008 by Joe Rice titled, Definitive List of the Five Best Flashes Ever Anywhere.
The only reason I’m reposting/reformatting it here is because the archived link is formatted a little wonky in its current form – plus he used a drawing I did for the pic of Flash Gordon (which I got a big kick out of).

Comics and nerd “culture” have long been blessed with awesome characters named “Flash.” In the usual CSBG style of pentatonic lists, I will now display the absolute facts as to who is best.

5. Funky Flashman

First off, he was made by Jack Kirby, so that’s got him some cred right there.
Secondly, he’s a parody of Stan the Man after Stan totally screwed Jack over.
Thirdly, he wears a toupee on his head . . .AND ONE ON HIS FACE.
The beard is fake!
That’s so awesome that I can’t get over it.
But it’s not nearly as awesome as that cravat. Goddam, I love a good cravat.

4. Flash Gordon

Just look at that guy.
I want you to tell me right now that he won’t stone laser your face off.
You can’t tell me that because he obviously will.
His shirt’s all ripped and he is hard.
Look at those eyes.
Are they a killer’s eyes?
They are an awesome laserer’s eyes I know that much.
You only wish you had the cajones to step to a man like Flash Gordon.
You don’t.

Except maybe for this dude here!

3. Sgt. Flash

Awwww, yeah.
GI Joe’s original laser trooper expert.
You always knew he was cool because he had red pads and a weapon that doesn’t really make sense in any battlefield sense.
You know what I would give for slacks like that?
A few babies, that’s what (any ethnicity).
I always liked Flash, and that makes him awesome.

Almost as awesome as this man right here.

2. Flash Thompson

Look at him.
He’s got a sweet sweater with his last initial on it.
The ladies love him.
And he gives that unbelievable tool Parker just what he deserves.
And please don’t think I’m being sarcastic here.
Can you imagine having to deal with that whining ninny in high school?
I bet you can because you did.
That’s because school’s don’t have proper alpha males like Flash Thompson anymore.
Sure, Steve Ditko played him as a bad guy, but that’s because Ditko was a nerdy freak, too.
Flash Thompson is frickin cool.

And the greatest Flash of all time?

1. Slash

This guy with his name misspelled.
Seriously, screw all those red and yellow fast crapfaces.
Barry’s boring, Wally’s a former Teen Titan and therefore a giant entitled Gen X/Boomer whiner.
And Jay is old and therefore probably a Republican.
And running really fast is dumb as a power, so they give them everything else in the world.

This post is fact.

Joe Rice

Flash Gordon

Inktober 2018 – Day 12

Inktober for October 12th – Showing inks old and new.

This is a close-up of a few panels from a Flash Gordon Sunday page done back in the day. This one is from March 1, 1998. Old school Zip-A-Tone used on the ape creature’s metal bracelets. Also some dry brush used in the shadow in the last panel. Photo reference was crucial in getting the figures in the ballpark.

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-Jim Keefe

Flash Gordon

Inktober 2018 – Day 3

Inktober for October 3rd – Showing inks old and new.

Here’s a cover I did for Comics Revue.
The image was inspired by a Flash Gordon story by Mac Raboy that was reprinted in that issue.

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-Jim Keefe

Artists - Cartoonists Flash Gordon George Evans

Flash Gordon Year One – Learning Curve

In 1995 I was hired as the writer and artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip (my first Sunday page appeared January 21, 1996). It was my first big freelance gig, and as with all freelance work, you have whatever skills you’ve attained up to that point and then you learn on the job. My first year doing Flash Gordon it was very much about getting a feel for the characters and getting the look right.

Nightfall on Mongo was my second story that first year and I opted for werewolves as being the antagonists. I mean, who doesn’t like werewolves, right?

Drop panel from 5/26/1996

Flash comes upon Thorne, the wounded survivor of a downed craft.

Click on image to see larger.

I based Thorne’s look off of Kurt Russell.

One thing in this story that sticks out like a sore thumb to me now is the environment and wardrobe. Instead of an alien world Flash might as well be in upstate Minnesota. Also, I modified a helicopter by taking off the propellers so that it would look like a small spacecraft  – instead it just ended up looking like a helicopter without propellers…

Original art – Click on image to see larger.

Realizing I needed some strong feedback to strengthen my work, I sent pages to a couple of syndicated artists I was corresponding with at the time – George Evans and Bud Blake. Shown below are the critiques I got.

George Evans (1920-2001)

Bud Blake (1918-2005)

As far as critiques go, friends and family tend to pull punches – professionals get the job done. I had the basics down storytelling-wise, but both George and Bud showed me that I needed to amp things up. I can’t stress enough how invaluable their input was.

I’d like to add that for George and Bud to take the time to sketch up short tutorials and mail them out to me was beyond generous – especially with the ever present syndicate deadlines they were under.

As far as my learning curve went, the next story I did I purposely retold Flash Gordon’s origin in order to give myself a refresher course on all things Mongo-esque.

More Flash Gordon Flashbacks to follow…

And if you’d like to see more of my work on Flash Gordon,
King Features is currently re-releasing the strips at
Hope you check them out!

Flash Gordon King Features

Laid Off from King Features

Fun fact: The Flash Gordon comic strip for June 3, 2018 was originally released December 20, 1998 when the entire Comic Art Department of King Features in New York (myself included) was being laid off.

The “ancient dialect” I had the evil sorcerer Choong-li speaking is English backwards. Notice the difference between the text in the 2018 strip compared to the one from 1998?

And for those interested, here’s the full strip.

And that’s…