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Adventure Strip Finales

With the Amazing Spider-man comic strip going to reprints for the time being, Roy Thomas and Alex Saviuk’s run on the strip has come to an end. March 17 was the last Sunday with March 23 being the last daily. … Continue reading

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Ming the Merciless Attacks Boston

From the Boston Globe – September 1, 1999 Old Superheroes Never Die, They Join the Real World By Alex Beam BOSTON IS UNDER ATTACK! That’s right, Ming the Merciless has unleashed his hideous Gorkons on Boston Common, and they are … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon by Jim Keefe – Story Index

1. Demon From the Dark Dimension: 01/21/1996 – 4/21/1996 2. Nightfall on Mongo: 4/28/1996 – 8/25/1996 3. The Way it Began: 9/1/1996 – 9/29/1996 4. The Return of Ming: 10/6/1996 – 12/22/1996 5. Durok’s Revenge: 12/29/1996 – 5/11/1997 6. Lair of the Damned: 5/18/1997 – 7/13/1997 … Continue reading

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Flash Gordon is Trumped

As many of you may know, King Features has been re-releasing the run I did on Flash Gordon over at Comics Kingdom. The strip that recently ran on January 6, 2019 originally ran July 25, 1999. Back then the cameo … Continue reading

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The Five Best Flashes Ever Anywhere

Full Disclosure: This was a post done for back in 2008 by Joe Rice titled, Definitive List of the Five Best Flashes Ever Anywhere.The only reason I’m reposting/reformatting it here is because the archived link is formatted a little wonky in … Continue reading

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