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Adventure Strip Finales

With the Amazing Spider-man comic strip going to reprints for the time being, Roy Thomas and Alex Saviuk’s run on the strip has come to an end. March 17 was the last Sunday with March 23 being the last daily. … Continue reading

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The Homecoming

The Homecoming Author: Archie Goodwin Art: Al Williamson Creepy #112 (August 1979) Reprinted in Creepy #137 (May 1982) This is a story I was incredibly fortunate enough to see the original art to when I visited Al Williamson in October … Continue reading

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Neal Adams on Al Williamson

“He (Al Williamson) was the inheritor of the Alex Raymond school, and he was the logical inheritor of the Flash Gordon comic strips, and he did not get them because people making decisions for those things were stupid. And remain … Continue reading

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Sally Forth – Photo Reference

Sometimes to get the right pose for a character you’re drawing you need to take some photo reference – and 10 times out of 10 the model who’s usually available and works the cheapest is yourself. Along these lines, one … Continue reading

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Al Williamson – Flash Gordon Sunday pages

One of the highlights of doing Flash Gordon was the opportunity to work with Al Williamson (1931-2010). This first page ran on November 7, 1999. The layout and partial penculs are by Al, the finished inks are by me. This … Continue reading

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