Company I

John Neggia I-304-76

John and Virginia Neggia – 2004
76th Division Reunion – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mr. Neggia served with my Dad in Company I – 304th Infantry Regiment – 76th Division. Part of Patton’s 3rd Army.

They were both only 18 years old when they started training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin in the summer of 1944 (now Fort McCoy).

The following picture is from Schmölln, Germany in the spring of 1945. It’s the First Platoon of Company I – and in the front row is Private 1st Class John Neggia. 
(Click on the image to see larger.)

1st Platoon was led by 2nd Lt. Steve Galanes, who is pictured just to the left of the Company I flag (and one to the right of Private 1st Class John Neggia).

Mr. Neggia told me the following story regarding this picture.

John Neggia and his friend Pfc. Tobias Gutierrez (sitting to the right of Galanas) had no intention of sitting for this picture so they went and hid, but Lt. Galanes found them. Galanes then marched them over to have their pic taken with the Platoon – and had them sit on either side of him.

Neggia was annoyed at the time, but grateful now after all these years to have a photo where he’s pictured with his Platoon.

John Neggia keeps active in part by sharing his remembrances of the War at memorial services and other gatherings saluting our Veterans. Here are just a few of the most recent.

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