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Comics Revue December 2013

Reposting a Holiday drawing I did back in 2013 for Comic Revue.

Comics Revue

Comics Revue – December 2014

Comics Revue 2014

Cover art by Jim Keefe
The lineup for the December 2014 issue includes: The Phantom
by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

Sir Bagby
by R&D Hackney

by John Celardo and Dick van Buren

Krazy Kat
by George Herriman

Rick O’Shay
Stories & art by Stan Lynde

Mandrake the Magiciancolor Sundays
by Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Flash Gordoncolor Sundays
by Mac Raboy and Harry Harrison

Tarzancolor Sundays
by Russ Manning

Alley Oopcolor Sundays
by V. T. Hamlin

The Phantomcolor Sundays
by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

Gasoline Alleycolor Sundays
by Dick Moores

Steve Canyoncolor Sundays
by Milton Caniff

Flash Gordon
by Harry Harrison and Fred Kida

Buz Sawyer
by Roy Crane

Modesty Blaise
by Peter O’Donnell and Romero

Casey Rugglescolor Sundays
by Warren Tufts

Special bonus – Dear Pencil-Pal
Correspondence from Harlan Ellison

To pick up a copy, check with your local comic book shop.
If they don’t carry it, suggest it.

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Comics Review Editor Rick Norwood will be a guest at
Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con January 9, 10 and 11, 2015.

Stop by to say hi – tell him Jim Keefe sent ya!

UPDATE: From Comics Revue Editor Rick Norwood.

Back issues from #201 to date are available from me. If you go to and order a single issue, US $20, paypal, I’ll send you a copy of the issue with Jim’s great cover. Same offer for everyone else, in the US and out — just ask for the Dec 2014 issue.

-Rick Norwood

Comics Revue Flash Gordon

Comics Revue 220 – Flash Gordon and the Phantom

The following is a cover I did back in 2004 for Rick Norwood’s Comics Revue.

Comics Revue #220 - 2004
Comics Revue #220

The following are the steps from roughs to finish.



The first step are the roughs – this is where you get a feel for the figures and layout. My roughs tend to vary on how complete they are. This is somewhat of a mess, but crucial in giving me an idea of what the finished drawing would look like.


The next step is pencils – which means finding reference and tightening up the drawing. When you’re inking your own pencils you don’t have to have them as tight as when you’re pencilling for someone else. All the pertinent info should be there though – just needs refinement.


The next step is inks. This is my favorite part.
The trick is to ink the form, not just trace the line.


For color on this piece I went old school and colored it using the blue line method. This is where you take the black line art and (in photoshop) change it to a light blue. You then print the image onto watercolor paper for coloring. The reason for the blue line is so that you have a clean black line when the color and line art are combined.


The last step is combing the black line and watercolored art in photoshop. I opted to take all the black line art in the background imagery and make it a little grayer to push it into the background – touch up the color as I saw fit – and call it a night.

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1975 Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag

Just got this in the mail today.

I am officially ten years old again.


And here’s John Romita’s original compared to the printed version.


It’s interesting how Dr. Strange’s right arm was moved (probably after the type was put in) to fill in some dead space in the layout.

This pic was also was my inspiration for the Comics Revue cover that just came out…


Signing off for now, so Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!