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Sally Forth Title Panel 10/20/2019

Sally Forth takes matters into her own hands as the Halloween story continues. Title panel for the October 20th Sunday page.

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Sally Forth DVD Extras – 10/17/2019

Close up on Sally Forth comic strip for October 17, 2019, followed by finished strip. And just for fun…

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Sally Forth Jam With Horror Master Stephen Bissette

As the Sally Forth Halloween story kicks into high gear this week, I have something kinda cool to help promote it. A promo piece with art by none other than horror master Stephen Bissette! Stephen Bissette is an award winning … Continue reading

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Sally Forth DVD Extra – 10/4/2019

A panel in progress. Showing detail of background demons in the October 4th Sally Forth strip. And here’s the finished strip in color.

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Sally Forth DVD Extra – 10/2/2019

Sally Forth DVD extra: To save myself time on the October 2nd strip I drew the background only once, then copy and pasted it in Photoshop. This is from a Wally Wood Pro Tip: “Never draw when you can copy. … Continue reading

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