Autoptic 2018 AUTOPTIC 2018
Minneapolis’s Premier Comic and Independent Print Festival
Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Aria Event Center – Minneapolis, MN
Aria Event Center
Aria Event Center
Aria Event Center
Jim Keefe and Amaya Goldsmith with their Spider-Man action figures.
Robin Sheldon & Nick Peters
Rachel Topka
JBROE and M.S. Harkness
Ben Tye and Alex Araiza
Melissa Mariko Kieselburg and Marissa Luna
Kyle Harabedian
Ashby Utting
Lindsay Nohl and Calvin
John Bivens
Zander Cannon
Will Dinski
Jack Kotz and Ben Tye
Spencer Amundson and Jack Kotz
Zak Sally with unauthorized Sammy the Mouse™ plushy.
Tom Kaczynski
Mason Sklar
Kevin Huizenga
Mandie Brasington and Alexis Cooke
Alex Mitchell
Ari Mulch
Craig Thompson signing and sketching for fans.
Paul Fricke with daughter, Emily
Scotty Gillmer, Carl Thompson and Bart King
Tyler Page
Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

And last but not least…

Seen driving by the Aria. I take it this is the standard vehicle for all artists in attendance.

So that wraps another fantastic order Ivermectin mastercard Autoptic Arts Festival.
This is a great show in that it is artist centric and really highlights the talent of the comic art community here in the Twin Cities.

Many thanks to all the hard working organizers who put on a great show.
All I can say in closing is that I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Conventions MCAD

Autoptic 2015 – Minneapolis, MN

PFC Exhibit
(“Pierre Feuille Ciseaux” or “Rock Paper Scissors”)
at MCAD prior to Autoptic – August 7, 2015

Bart King, June Julien Misserey and Jenny King
Mathieu Bouillant (facing camera)
Barbara Schulz.

Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
prior to Autoptic – August 7, 2015

Street in front of the Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
Jean-Christophe Menu (pink shirt), June Julien Misserey (dark grey shirt), Mathieu Bouillant (to the right of June holding camera), Mathilde Harmand (holding proofsheet), Marina Courtois (in red), Paulette Rossi (in dark grey holding camera) and Zak Sally (far right).
June Julien Misserey and Zak Sally in foreground.
Barbara Schulz and Zak Sally.
Light Grey Art Lab Exhibit
Anders Nilsen & Zak Sally
April Yolando Kasulis, Andrew George, John Wilinski, Jack Kotz,
Marissa Luna, Ben Tye and Kat Bride.

Autoptic Festival 2015

Tessa Keefe manning my table.
Robin Sheldon & Nick Peters.
Happy daddy, Bart King.
Kitty Berry.
Maddi Gonzalez, Spencer Amundson and Marissa Luna.
Maddi Gonzalez, Spencer Allen Amundson, Marissa Luna,
Melissa Mariko Kieselburg and Andrew George.
Alexis Cooke and Hedwig Vinson.
Mandie Brasington and Jaime Willems.
Tom Kaczynski and Barbara Schulz.
Amaya Goldsmith.
Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud.
Carl Thompson, Scotty Gillmer & Caitlin Skaalrud
Paul Fricke.
Blue Delliquanti
Kyle Harabedian.
Mason Sklar (on right)
Christian Moser and Andrew Herbst (standing)
Erik Munson.
Erik Munson and Chan Chau (standing)
Ann Ryan, John Wilinski, Chase Van Weerdhuizen and Maddi Gonzalez.
Tyler Page
John Bivens and Alex Mitchell
Bryan Bornmueller and Ursula Murray Husted
Panel discussion
One of the many Autoptic paparazzo.
aka Amaya Goldsmith
Back room for artists to take a breather.
Not many conventions cater to their exhibitors with pastries like these – just saying…
Jim Keefe and his whole crew (Tessa, Anna, Leo and Sophie).

The view from my table.

And last but not least – the closing ceremony.


Autoptic Festival – August 8-9, 2015


My daughter, Tessa manning our table.
My daughter Tessa manning the table.

New cards printed up for the show.
New cards printed up for the show.

And here’s the view from my table as the Autoptic Festival got underway this morning.

The Autoptic Festival is two days this year so there’s one more madcap day left – hope to see you there!


Autoptic Festival Exclusive – Combat Paper NJ


Be sure to stop by my table at the upcoming Autoptic Festival (August 8-9, 2015) as I’ll be showcasing the work of Combat Paper NJ. Combat Paper is a program of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, run by veterans for veterans.

Dave Keefe, the director of Combat Paper (and more importantly my nephew), is a former Marine who served in Iraq and holds a master’s in fine arts in painting from Montclair State.

The paper for each print is made from military uniforms that have been shredded, pulped and pressed. Veterans are invited to bring their uniforms to Combat Paper’s weekly open workshop and, through the steps of traditional papermaking, transform them into platforms for their works of art. A process both transformative and cathartic that aids in helping veterans move ahead with their lives.

Couldn’t be prouder of the work Dave has done, so be sure to stop by my table (#57) to check it out!


Autoptic 2015

Quick heads up that I’ll be an exhibitor at the 2015 Autoptic Festival.


What is Autoptic?
Autoptic features not only cartoonists and zinesters, but also poster artists, printmakers, musicians, illustrators, designers, and more – ranging from the exclusively local to the internationally acclaimed.

There will also be satellite music events that will coincide with the expo as well as a doubling down with their international partners (the French based ChiFouMi) for on-site zine and comics workshops, creating a dedicated kid’s area, hosting an art show, and much more.

When and Where?
Autoptic is August 8th and 9th at the Aria event space, located at 105 North 1st street in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What does it cost?
It is free to the public.




A quick look back at Autoptic 2013 (the view from my table).

Here’s to Autoptic 2015 – Hope to see you there!