MNCBA SpringCon 2024

Quick heads up that I will be a special guest at SpringCon 2024 – hosted by the Mahdia Minnesota Comic Book Association.

May 18th
10:00AM — 5:00PM

M Health Fairview Sports Center
4125 Radio Drive Woodbury, MN 55129

More info at 

Hope to see you there!



Newspaper Comics Roundtable

Had a fantastic time at the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus Newspaper Comics Roundtable October 8th. It featured Peter Gallagher, Steenz, myself and Barbara Brandon-Croft. Hosted by Shena Wolf.

Peter Gallagher, Steenz, Jim Keefe and Barbara Brandon-Croft
Peter Gallagher, Steenz, Jim Keefe and Barbara Brandon-Croft
Shena Wolf, Peter Gallagher, Steenz, Jim Keefe and Barbara Brandon-Croft
Video of the panel from the CXC Festival YouTube channel.

For more info, check out this great write up in the Comics Beat.


Autoptic Festival 2022

Had a great time at the 2022 Autoptic Festival.
Special shout-out to all the hard work Robert Algeo and the crew at Autoptic did to make it such a stellar show!

It’s been 6 years since I’ve tabled at an Art Festival/Comic-Con, so it was especially fantastic to reconnect with so many familiar faces – and also meet some new ones.

All set up at my table.
Table assistants Anna (standing) and Sophie (seated).

And thanks to everyone who came out and bought my new Pen & Ink zine. Tried to do as many sketches in them as time would allow.

Of course the big news was that, after having been married 27 years, this is the first time Deb has tabled with me (she was usually watching the kids).

All the work she did made for a much less stressful experience. And on top of that she’s stunningly beautiful so win-win.

Last but not least… Had a great time Sunday on the panel “For the Love of Short Form” with fellow cartoonists Kam White, Pat Rooks And Caroline Cash. Moderated by the fantastic Pete (doesn’t miss a beat) Faecke.

If you weren’t able to make it to the panels on Sunday, no problem! Just check them out on YouTube…

Once again, many thanks to every who took the time to come out to the show – and looking forward to the next Autoptic Festival!

– Jim Keefe

Artist Spotlight Artists - Cartoonists Conventions Jose Delbo

Artist Spotlight: Jose Delbo

One of the first teachers I had when I attended the Joe Kubert School was Jose Delbo.

One of the exercises he would have us do every week was draw horses. The following are a few examples I kept (circa 1987). Jose’s corrections are in pen over my pencils.

“This horse is drawn so stiff it belongs on a carousel.”

“This horse is drawn so stiff it looks like a robot .”

“No one could ride a horse drawn like this.”

Jose Delbo was a great teacher because he wouldn’t let an inferior drawing slide. When you got a compliment or a good grade from him you knew it was well deserved.

I got the chance to catch up with Jose Delbo at SpringCon 2012 in Minneapolis and I had him sign the drawings shown above. I showed him some of my more recent work and he made a point of telling me I was really doing some good work – so good in fact that he would pass on a script he had just received.

A cowboy strip – lots of horses…

Jose Delbo and his wife Maybelle at SpringCon 2012.

A quick remembrance of a cartooning class taught by Jose.

A student was getting critiqued – during the critique Jose stated that the student needed to spend more time on his work. The student responded that he had already worked on the page for two weeks. Jose replied, “How much of that time was actually pen to paper.”

I never forgot that insight. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to work on something if you’re not putting pen to paper.

Jose Delbo – 2011 Pic by Andrew Satterfield – Cincinnati Comic Expo

Jose Delbo – a fantastic artist and teacher.


Autoptic 2018

Minneapolis’s Premier Comic and Independent Print Festival
Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Aria Event Center – Minneapolis, MN

Aria Event Center

Aria Event Center

Aria Event Center

Jim Keefe and Amaya Goldsmith with their Spider-Man action figures.

Robin Sheldon & Nick Peters

Rachel Topka

JBROE and M.S. Harkness

Ben Tye and Alex Araiza

Melissa Mariko Kieselburg and Marissa Luna

Kyle Harabedian

Ashby Utting

Lindsay Nohl and Calvin

John Bivens

Zander Cannon

Will Dinski

Jack Kotz and Ben Tye

Spencer Amundson and Jack Kotz

Zak Sally with unauthorized Sammy the Mouse™ plushy.

Tom Kaczynski

Mason Sklar

Kevin Huizenga

Mandie Brasington and Alexis Cooke

Alex Mitchell

Ari Mulch

Craig Thompson signing and sketching for fans.

Paul Fricke with daughter, Emily

Scotty Gillmer, Carl Thompson and Bart King

Tyler Page

Rosemary Valero-O’Connell

And last but not least…

Seen driving by the Aria. I take it this is the standard vehicle for all artists in attendance.

So that wraps another fantastic Autoptic Arts Festival.
This is a great show in that it is artist centric and really highlights the talent of the comic art community here in the Twin Cities.

Many thanks to all the hard working organizers who put on a great show.
All I can say in closing is that I’m already looking forward to the next one!