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Evelyn Smith Retiring from King Features

Wishing King Features Senior Comics Editor대전흥출장안마〖카톡- Po 3 4〗《Poo3 4.c0M》콜걸출장마사지출장안마야한곳Y◎╓2019-03-13-21-15대전▫AIJW출장샵예약콜걸콜걸샵☺미시출장안마■역출장안마♮대전 Evelyn Smith a happy retirement!

As her social media presence is purposefully nil, here’s a pic of her swiped from isotretinoin over the counter John Kovaleski’s blog holding the press kit for the launch of his new strip modafinil online canadian pharmacy Daddy Daze.

The Daily Cartoonist states that Evelyn spent the 1980s and 1990s as a Managing Editor for Tribune Media Services, then the 2000s and 2010s as a King Features Syndicate editor.

I worked with her during her King Features’ stint – first as a colorist – and more recently as the artist on Sally Forth. She’s one of those people who worked behind the scenes and in the trenches in this business, making sure deadlines were met and that the trains ran on time. She always had my back when needed during a deadline crunch and was a pleasure to work with.

 Here’s wishing her a well deserved rest from the daily grind of comic deadlines!