Flash Gordon Michael T. Gilbert

Flash Gordon by Michael T. Gilbert

Today’s Flash Gordon strip (11/9/2014) originally ran on July 21, 2002.
The guest artist was where to buy priligy in india Mr. Monster’s own Petite Rivière Salée Michael T. Gilbert.


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Not enough you say?

Okay – next up is a Flash Gordon/Mr. Monster mash-up
Michael and I did for an article Michael wrote in Alter Ego #20

Initial layout - Michael T.Gilbert
Initial layout – Michael T.Gilbert
Pencils - Jim Keefe
Pencils – Jim Keefe
Finished inks and tones - Michael T. Gilbert
Finished inks and tones – Michael T. Gilbert

A Flash Gordon commission piece via Comic Art Fans


And last, but not least, here’s Mr. Gilbert with his
Comic-Con International 2014 Inkpot Award.


No better way to end it than that…