Anna – Class of 2020

To see a recording of the 2020 Washburn graduation ceremony just go to this link.

Comics Revue Drawings

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Pen and Ink Drawings


Janet Jackson

Sketchbook drawing on a Sunday night.
Janet – Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.

Winsor & Newton Series 7, Size 0 with the slightest bit of colored pencil just to make it pop.

Played a lot of music off her Rhythm Nation album while inking this.

Flash Gordon

Secret Agent X-9 Returns

The April 19, 2020 Flash Gordon Sunday features the return of none other than Dashiell Hammet’s Secret Agent X-9!

Fast forward and Secret Agent X-9 (aka Phil Corrigan) is a member of the I.I.I.

Returning to Dale and Secret Agent X-9 (following Flash Gordon’s adventures in the kingdom of the Sharkmen) we find…

Also unbeknowst to Corrigan, Ming the Merciless has initiated his nefarious plot to conquer planet Earth.

So strap yourself in faithful reader, things are kicking into high gear…